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My son went to the DG Rockers summer camp this year and we signed him up for the entire 6 weeks. We decided on this camp because the schedule worked great for us, they had many different activities throughout the day, and they took the kids out on field trips every Friday.

I usually don’t set high expectations, I’m fine as long as my son is safe and doesn’t come home crying. This camp, however, completely and totally exceeded my expectations. From the onset, all forms were handled electronically. They set up parent orientations prior to the start of the camp so we knew what to expect and what to prepare. The campers were offered a free tryout day so they could prepare themselves as well. I didn’t expect any of these, so they were pleasant surprises. As the camp started, I kept waiting for the day when my son would complain and say that he doesn’t want to go anymore, as he typically does with school. I am still in shock today as that day never came. He never complained, and it was a pleasant sight to behold in the morning that he got ready and was looking forward to go.

There were so many counselors in the camp, the ratio was probably close to 2:1. I was able to drop off my son in the morning the first week, and it gave such a warm feeling to see the cheerful counselors stood by the door to welcome the campers! They were all young and energetic, and you could just tell that they wanted to be there and they wanted the experience to be as fun for themselves as for the campers.

They incorporated a summer reading plan into the camp where they took the campers to the library everyday and read books recommended by the librarian. The library was unfortunately closed for a period of time due to a broken AC. Instead of giving up, they relentlessly tried and was able to work with the library, which provided them with a private room in the back that actually had air conditioning. Reading is such an important function in shaping young minds. I am so glad that this camp, which is not widely known as many of the other bigger camps, put the worthy weight on reading and committed to carry out the reading program despite the difficulties.

It is a very long winded review. I’m aware but I want to make sure that I give credit where credit is due. This is truly a hidden gem. What is most precious is the fact that they care, and it shows throughout their planning and execution, and the result of a very happy camper and parents.

Vicky W.

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