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Since music is commonly viewed as an art form, it may be neglected in lieu of other classroom subjects and saved for days when it is rainy outdoors and there isn't anything else to do. However, music should be used frequently in the homeschool classroom - daily if possible and here's why:

  • Music teaches self-discipline and cooperation with others

  • Music encourages creativity

  • Music helps children develop their spatial I.Q.

  • Music teaches cultural diversity


Older children may wish to expand on what they've already learned at home by taking classes by music professionals. Music classes should include instrumental as well as voice lessons. Everyone is talented in different ways when it comes to music; some may excel at playing instruments while others are more comfortable singing. Give children the opportunity to play more than one instrument. They may want to try out drums and then decide to switch to the violin later. While children are in the trial period, figuring out which instrument best suits them, consider renting or borrowing instruments. 

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